Mason Ramsey Shoots A Beautiful Shot With Arizona Sorority Girl On Instagram

Photo Apr 13, 12 36 12 PM

How old is Mason Ramsey? Who knows. I’m going to guess 12…I am looking it up now…annnnddd I am correct, he is 12-years-old. That is 10-years younger than I am and he still has more game than I have with the females.

On Wednesday night, Mason went crowd surfing on a “horse:”

Along with our great social team, Mason posted this on his own Instagram, to which an attractive University of Arizona sorority star commented:

Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 4.34.24 PM

This comment tags a male, who I assume is her boyfriend. Actually, it is her ex-boyfriend, after looking at Mason’s response:

He shooooots, he scoooorrreesss!!!


An absolutely inspiring attempt from Mason Ramsey.

Also, I know he has a massive record company behind him, but give the kid some credit. He could’ve flamed out by now and was never heard from again, but he’s selling out shows left and right across America. Today, he announced a new tour in the fall:

Keep on, keeping on, Mason.