Walk the Line: The Sixers will probably make me look like an idiot

I’m not sure if I should fully trust the Sixers. They are moody, flighty and Joel Embiid has the shits. But I fully know that I don’t trust the Raptors, no matter how good they looked Saturday night. So I’m rolling with Philly (+7) tonight in Toronto. Getting seven points, I’m comfortable believing the talent of the Sixers will not lay another egg.

Other picks tonight from Walk The Line are:

Blazers +4 in Game 1 at Denver

Padres ML +150 at Braves

Stars (-120) over Blues

Futures: Celtics (+300) to win the Eastern Conference.

These will all probably hit, and we’ll be shitting gold bricks tomorrow. But if they don’t, remember that I spent my Sunday afternoon with this motherfucker…

Seriously. Dave Portnoy sent Marty Mush down to Mississippi to watch a NASCAR race with me. That’s fine. We had a grand time watching the race. But Marty Mush’s brain is the most fucked-up thing I’ve ever been exposed to. I need a few days to get away and think about what just happened.