It Is Exhausting Giving Out All Of These Winners

I am not sure what is happening as of late but I have had two winning weeks in a row. That hasn’t happened probably since I started gambling. It has been nice looking at picks and kicking Vegas in the trachea. After being in the South with not much else to do, I am seeing the fishy lines and picking apart the NBA.


Celtics @ Bucks -7.5

I was on the Celtics game one where they won by 22 points and actually embarrassed the Bucks. The Giannis said that stupid statement of that he can’t guarantee a win but they will play hard. Such a soft saying but the fact that the line is 7.5 again makes no sense. The Bucks haven’t lost all playoffs so so getting their shit kicked in at home has woken them up. I can’t believe I am saying this but I am scared of Al Horford tonight. He seems like the kryptonite to Giannis but if he wants to show the city of Milwaukee that he is MVP he has to step it the fuck up tonight. I do think the Celtics win the series and are the better team right now but I think this line is fishy and this is a wake up call to the Bucks.  Fear the Deer.

Pick Bucks -7.5

#RideWithMush until this streak ends. Which honestly at this point I don’t see it ending.