The 31-9 Man Has Spoken

I am finally out of the red and it feels so fucking good. I am giving out picks that are winning by a million and I barely even have to watch the games. This gut of mine has been right and a little bit of research has gone a long way. I will admit if I didn’t have a gambling problem I wouldn’t bet tonight but what the fuck else am I going to do. Lets keep this streak going..


Blazers vs Nuggets -4

I was obviously spot on last game with the Nuggets at -3 last game. I have a theory when you play a 7 game series the next game you play is an auto win. You are just fresh out of a series and ready to go as the Blazers were sitting there waiting for a opponent. The Blazers have now felt the Nuggets out and they will be on point tonight. Their guard play is going to show up big time and as long as they annoy Jokic and put bodies on him they will be fine. This will be a back and forth series so take the points.

Pick Blazers +4         

I don’t like this game but when your hot you have to hit the gas.   #Ridewithmush