The Kentucky Derby favorite is out, so adjust your pick

Favorites win at the Kentucky Derby. That’s just how it is. But on Saturday, the favorite isn’t racing.

Sonofabitch. Entrapped epiglottis strikes again. Omaha Beach was considered the favorite for Saturday, down to as low as 4-to-1 earlier today. The colt has won three straight races, including the Arkansas Derby.

But no more. Omaha Beach is out, maybe headed for a life of grazing and having sex. Much like me.

So, what now? Game Winner is next at 5-to-1, followed by Roadster and Improbable at 6-to-1. I’ve got to be honest here. All three of those names sound like potential Derby winners. Then there’s Tacitus and Maximum Security at 10-to-1, and both of those names are great as well.

We’ll have to see if any more horses get their epiglottis entrapped but this does spice up a race that didn’t have a runaway favorite.