Walk The Line: Why am I supposed to believe in the Raptors all of a sudden?

Everybody loves the Raptors tonight in Philly. Over 70 percent of bettors are backing Toronto in Game 3, despite the Raptors’ home loss in Game 2. I’m just a caveman and don’t understand your modern world, but I don’t get this.

Philly won Game 2 on the road and pretty much controlled the game from the start. They’re back home, where they were 31-10 this season. I think it’s a tossup game but if you’re giving me a talented team at home and I’m getting a point, I’m taking it. You could argue that Philly is too volatile to be trusted in this spot, but I think Toronto is, too.

The pick is Sixers +1 tonight against Toronto.

Other picks tonight are:

Bruins +120 over Blue Jackets

Avalanche -130 over Sharks

Blue Jays +140 over Angels