Drop Everything You Are Doing And Bet The House On These Horses

The best part of the Derby is betting on big underdogs, obviously betting on the favorite is the smart thing but the value is dog shit. People forget about these poor jockeys who don’t get a lot of credit but this bastard is a stud. Mike Smith only rides the best horses and since Omaha Beach is out who was pretty much a lock before the race even started but now that it scratched he picked the next best one. Cutting Humor is +1600 and with this information how do you not put a little juice on him. Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 9.46.11 AM

Look at the hips on this sucker and the calves are in impecable shape. Oh and it is supposed to rain…this baby is a mudder as well. This is the value pick you want.

If you want a better shot and better odds I have your pick as well. Maximum Security and Tacitus are the play. These are the two favorite horses because as Danny stats shared with us the 17 has never one the Kentucky Derby so Roadster is out of the race.

Throw some juice on all of these and I guarantee (I can never spell that word) a winner. There is no better feeling when you win a horse race. It is better then any other sport so lets get this feeling together. TO THE MOON.

PS. I really feel like none of this is spelled correctly.