Walk The Line: The Celtics might make me look like an asshole

The Celtics got me on Saturday. By laying a complete egg in the second half, the Celtics lost homecourt advantage and cost me a considerable amount of money. But like a dog goes back to its vomit, I can’t quit Kyrie and the Celtics. I think they’ll get a friendlier whistle tonight in Boston, and the return of Marcus Smart could help clog up the Milwaukee offense.

Celtics (-2) is the pick from Walk The Line, Barstool’s daily gambling show that can be found on @BarstoolGamblin periscope each day at 6 p.m.

Other picks for tonight:

Rockets (-1) over Warriors

Bruins (Even) over Blue Jackets

Avalanche (-130) over Sharks

– No baseball picks tonight because I’m 2-10 in my last 12 baseball picks and I’m also a gigantic pussy.