Getting to know me is a joy and a privilege

Alright, since I’m going to be working at Barstool Sports, we need to get to know each other. I’m a college football guy, a gambling guy, and I usually smell good. I also like fried okra, strawberry milkshakes and 90’s music.

From today’s episode of Walk The Line, Barstool’s new, critically acclaimed gambling show featuring me every day at 6 p.m. on @BarstoolGamblin, here are five facts about me.

1. My most-hated food in the world is watermelon. It’s disgusting, terrible to look at, the smell and texture makes me want to kill myself and I just don’t like it. I grew up in the South and my dislike of watermelon is the No. 1 reason some people down here hate me. Runner-up: Peanut butter.

2. My five favorite TV shows of all-time, in no order, are: The Office, Scrubs, Chappelle’s Show, 24, and The Andy Griffith Show.

3. I would give five years salary or a year of my life to see Mississippi State University win a national championship in any sport. I am not unbiased. I love my team and hate yours.

4. My favorite music group is Outkast.

5. I learned how to gamble on sports from my grandfather when I was 7 years old. I would visit his house on Sunday morning, he would hand me that day’s NFL schedule and tell me to circle the winners. The bookie would show up two days later and if I won, my grandfather would give me ten bucks. God bless America.