Nick Saban Is On The Golf Course Just 16 Days After His Hip Replacement Surgery

Just 16 days after his hip surgery, Saban is already back on the links. Wouldn’t expect anything less, considering that he strolled into work just 48 hours after his hip surgery:

In his own words, he doesn’t sit still well:

Sorry SEC fans, that man is never going to retire. He couldn’t sit still for more than 6 hours after a replacement hip surgery, you think he’s going to retire? Hell no.

What a spin zone by Saban here. The best part about his hip surgery is he can now play golf instead of going out and crootin during his rehab process.

SOURCE-“I tell the players all the time, they don’t make them like they used to and there’s not very many of us left,” Saban said. “I wouldn’t expect them to be able to recover this fast, but it is what it is.”

Saban going to hold how fast he recovered from this hip surgery over his players head like a true football guy. Oh, you turned your ankle? Well, Saban turned his ankle in a high school game in 1963 and didn’t miss a play. Get back in the game.