The Hottest Gambler May Be Getting Hot Again

Last night I was very upset that i was going back to the dark hole of losing all of my bets again. It is all about mind set so I liked the Blazers right now because my dumb brain said look at all of these points. I reassessed the situation and said it may be to fishy so I went with the Nuggets. Then the morale was even higher after this morning as we all went 3-0 in out 1st inning bets and I feel like I am all the way back.


Celtics vs Bucks -8.5

This series has been going down the drain. The Celtics went into Milwaukee the first game and beat the shit out of them. Now the Celtics just forgot to play basketball and look dead. I for one will refuse to think that they are dead, this team is good but Kyrie just needs to maybe look like he wants to be there. He looks like a miserable bastard and they just have no three point shooting. But with saying all of these negatives I have to take the Celtics tonight.

Pick – Celtics +8.5  


Sharks ML

Warriors -6