Nothing Like A Snowball Fight At Graduation In The Middle Of May

Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 1.40.22 PM

Yesterday, we saw snow in Colorado. Nolan Arenado looked at the snow and said not today:

Along with snow at the Rockies-Giants game, there was also a graduation in Colorado yesterday. How did these recent graduates celebrate? A little snowball fight:

Growing up in Connecticut, I know the cold and snow very well, but I do not buy the “you adjust to the cold.” To put it simply: fuck the cold and the snow. Yeah, it’s cool for the 12 hours or so when everything is white and calm, but after that? Gross. It’s a hassle and anyone who pretends to like it is lying to themselves.

Do I ski? Nope, why would I want to injure myself on a hill in the middle of Vermont? Snowboard? Are you kidding?

Colorado looks like a great place to live and what not, but if I ever lived in a place where it was snowing in May, I’d be getting on the next plane out of there. Absolutely no need for that. I’ll take 110 degrees over a snow storm every day of the week.

God bless these students, though. They handled it much better than I would’ve:

Also, college graduation ceremonies stink. Unless you have Denzel Washington or some star as your commencement speaker, the entire day stinks. It’s crowded, long, and everyone is hung over sitting in uncomfortable chairs. Why? To hear your name called in the middle of a thousand other names? Get out of here.