The NBA Wants All Of The Game 7s

1st off I would like to address that we need more recognition. Thats all I am asking for it is a real bitch that you leave work to go home and stress more. Big night tonight.


Warriors @ Rockets -7

I almost fell off of some rat shit when I saw this number but once I coped with it my brain was working on all cylinders. This line makes sense a little bit because of Durant being out. The NBA wants to have three games 7s and the Rockets want revenge from last year when Chris Paul was hurt. Everyone said that the Rockets would have won if he played. Well this is there chance to show it and they have to play balls to the wall tonight. Blow them the fuck out (Please)

Pick Rockets -7 

If this hits Sunday is about to be a hell of a day. GOT (Which I don’t watch) and a bunch of game 7s. Saddle the rat up.