Nippon Professional Baseball Is Where Money Can Be Made

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The best part about this league is that there logos look like you are playing backyard baseball. I have been saying this for a bit now but these line makers are behind on this league. You have two pitchers matching up where one is absolutely dominant and the other is a scrub. I want to show the world how I am a damn sharp on these lines and these book makers are just lazy on them. This is our chance to beat up on Vegas.

Orix Buffaloes -140 @ Chiba Lotte Marines

The Buffaloes have an absolute stud pitching. Yamamoto, Yoshinobu who put up a 2.8 era in 2018 and he is facing off against Tanechi who had a 6 era last year. That is like telling me Zack Greinke is pitching against Trevor Cahill and the spread is only -140. I am putting this win on a platter for you and just remember who put you on to this. The best part about these games is that they are at 5am so when you wake up the games almost over. If you take that then take some day baseball and end your day on some basketball. I couldn’t think of a better day for anyone in the world.

So lets beat vegas together and #ridewithmush.