The Raptors Might Be The Classiest Team In The NBA

The spread going into tonight was -6.5 Bucks which I had. Bucks were down double digits throughout the game and went down 7 going into the fourth. A gamblers mind set is negative so I thought I lost this for sure. With the game being tied late as well I thought there was no chance but Brook Lopez decided he remembered how to play basketball.

The Raptors did everything they could to not cover and I love them for that. Gave up big leads but even when it came down to the wire in the 4th. First of all what a bullshit call that was to give the Raptors free throws because George Hill fouled him before the inbound. When you see that happening it brings flashbacks to all your other gut wrenching losses but again the Raptors are just classy and realized they didn’t deserve the free throws. They put Danny Green on the line instead of robot Kawhi who was 10/10 tonight and Green ends up missing. With any other team you aren’t out of the woods because like I have seen several times if the Raptors fouled the Bucks when they were up 8 obviously the worst would happen. Miss a free throw and Raptors bang a three and Bucks win by 5. But the Raptors respect the gambling game and realize that there is no difference when you lose by 8 or 5 so might as well just give up.

Than you to the Raptors for everthing you did tonight. Very big of you.