ESPN Employees Could Learn A Thing Or Two From This LFL Sideline Reporter

I will not pretend to be a diehard LFL fan. If I see it’s on, I’ll watch for a little bit, but if you asked me to name the teams, I’d be in a little trouble. However, I do support anybody who puts on the pads, even if a bra is on underneath them.

This past week in the LFL, a team was up 56-6 at the halftime. How is that possible? Who knows, it’s a short field and I guess the Omaha Heart are just very bad at football.

Before half, LFL sideline reporter Heidi Golznig, go to talk to Omaha Heart head coach Dontae Allen (how you become a head coach of one of these teams? god knows):

Absolutely brilliant work out of Heidi here. Time and time again we see sideline reporters throw 45 MPH meatballs over the plate to coaches, but not Heidi. She grilled him, got a bad answer, and then immediately let him know her thoughts.

Also, does this head coach even know what is going on?! Look at that thousand-mile stare going on at the end? I wouldn’t be surprised if he had absolutely no idea that Heidi just ripped him a new one.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 2.43.09 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 2.43.16 PM

By the way, if you do want to support Heidi in her endeavors as a sideline reporter we’ve all been waiting for, here is her Instagram: