Walk The Line: Bucks roll again, Bo tops my top 5 college football players list

The Raptors blew it in Game 1. They had a shot to put Milwaukee on a hole and they let the Bucks escape. In a game where Milwaukee turned in a C-minus performance, the Bucks still covered and won by eight. Tonight, they’ll control from the start and win, easily covering the 6.5. Hammer it.

Trust me, I’m 6-2 the last two nights. And we’re on a classic Walk The Line hot streak.

And yes, I know, the Barkley shirt is fire.

Other picks tonight:

Bucks-Raptors Under 217

Blues (-140) over Sharks

Mets-Marlins Over 6.5

Preakness Stakes: War of Will (4-to-1)


Warriors +2.5 against Blazers

Also on today’s show, our daily Useless Top 5 highlights my Top 5 college football players of my lifetime.

Honorable Mention: Randy Moss, Tim Tebow, Johnny Manziel, Ndamukong Suh, Cam Newton (Cam should probably be on the list but I don’t like him so he’s not.)

5) Ed Reed – Miami

4) Tommie Frazier – Nebraska

3) Vince Young – Texas

2) Michael Vick – Virginia Tech

1) Bo Jackson – Auburn