Asshole Attempts Backflip During Graduation And You Will Not Believe What Happens Next!

This video brings me so much joy. If you are going to be an asshole on graduation that decides you’re going to make the ceremony all about yourself, I hope your grandiose plan falls directly on your neck (literally).

Graduation stinks. It’s long and boring. Everybody is hungover and sick of hearing thousands of names called. Nobody, and I truly mean nobody, wants to see you start dancing on stage or doing a backflip. Take your diploma and keep it moving. Celebrate with your family and friends after. At my graduation yesterday, an old man handing out the diplomas fainted from what we assumed to be a heat stroke. Down on the ground, the graduation ceremony was delayed for about 15 minutes. I was even pissed off at that old guy for not drinking enough water and making me wait longer than I should’ve. I know that’s awful, but that’s the mindset of people on graduation.

I know I sound a lot like an old man yelling at the clouds, but this is a pet peeve of mine and after a day of sitting in the sun at graduation yesterday, seeing this video put a smile on my face.