Peyton's Nephew Arch Manning Is Now The #1 Prospect On My 2026 NFL Draft Board

Yup. That’s an 8th grader throwing the rock around on a high school football field. When you realize he’s football royalty, it makes a little bit more sense. Arch Manning is the son of Cooper, who is Peyton and Eli’s third brother. I’m not sure why Cooper didn’t just call him Archie like his father, but whatever, he’s the one who made the kid, I’m not.

The class of 2023 prospect is FLYING up my 2026 NFL Draft board.

By the time 2026 rolls around, he may be replacing Eli Manning, who will still be starting for Dave Gettleman’s Giants.

(That was a lame joke, but it made me chuckle, so I decided on writing it)