Former Oregon WR Heroically Tackles Gunman At The High School Where He Coaches Football

During his time at Oregon, WR Keanon Lowe caught 68 passes for 891 yards and 11 TDs. He even caught a TD in the first CFP national championship.

Although a great player, Lowe’s greatest accomplishment came off the field this past week in Oregon at the high school he coaches football at.

Absolutely incredible.

Keanon took to Twitter to speak about the unfortunate situation that he helped save:

As mentioned before, Keanon Lowe is the head coach of the football team at Parkrose High School. The team had lost 23 straight games before he took over in 2018. This year they went 5-5, including an 82-7 victory.

Just an awesome story. It makes sense that his player bio on Oregon’s website starts off with, “His contributions could not be documented merely by statistics…” A hero among men.

P.s. This reminds me of Aaron Weis, the hero at the Parkland shooting, who also happened to be a football coach: