Latest College Football Recruiting Trend: Taking Pictures With Snakes

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We’ve been through a lot this offseason in the recruiting world. 5-stars decomitting, Clemson picking up every good football player in the world, but the biggest storyline from the 2018-19 offseason recruiting circuit was parents starting to take photos in uniform with their sons:

And then mama got involved:

The absurdity off college football recruiting photos didn’t stop there, because why would it? We are talking about college football.

It appears that Georgia is starting a new trend by having recruits take photos with, wait for it, snakes:

I don’t know if this is a metaphor of some sorts. Off the top of my head, I cannot connect what Georgia’s football program has to do with snakes, but hey if it works, why stop? It looks like the two fellas above loved taking the photos with a snake. It’s a great Instagram photo opportunity and if you have a recruit leaving with a good Instagram to post, he’s leaving happy.

Now onto taking a photo with a snake: I never understood those who just feel okay with having a snake around their neck or, frankly, anywhere near their body. I’ve seen it time and time again. What happens if that snake gets pissed off and starts wrapping itself around your body until you can’t breathe anymore? Doesn’t seem worth it if you ask me.

And to the kid who let his mom take a photo with the snake: what are you doinnnggggg?!? What happens if the snake snaps, huh? You are going to fight the snake? That’s a great way for you and your mama to die together.