The Official Lilliard Rib Game

Last night was brutal everyone is talking about GOT season Finale while Siakum couldn’t hit shit. Tonight is a big night for the Trailblazers. They can’t get swept here for the sake of pride. They have been in these games but they just keep losing in in the second half.


Warriors -3 @ Blazers

This has gentleman’s sweep written all over it. Everyone thought the Blazers would win last game but tonight is the night. This team has pride and wont let their city down. Yes, Lilliard is hurting but he is going to shoot the lights out tonight but I also hate betting against the Warriors. The new way to bet the Warriors is just live bet them if they are losing at half but fuck that. The Blazers come out strong and keep there foot on the pedal. I am also really sick of the Currys. We get it they are brothers who gives a shit that they are playing against each other.

Pick Blazers +3


 Mariners +130