Tonight Is A Look Into Summer Betting And It's Sad

This is a brutal day in gambling. You are just stuck with one sport. I really think we need to have a plan in place where we can gamble on something other then baseball. Baseball is the worst thing in the world to gamble on because I am brutal at it. You can have the best pitcher in the league throwing at -280 and you end up losing all of your money. We have to suffer through it tonight so lets do it. We need the WNBA so bad.


Dodgers -120 @ Rays

First of all Rich Hill native Long Island Ducks player who I still don’t know how he’s good but I love it. The Rays are just a weird team. Last year was a crazy year for them as it was supposed to be a down year and they still held their own. They are just a team you don’t want to play but tonight the Dodgers have there number.

Pick Dodgers -120


Phillies +140