Walk The Line: When I get sad, I watch Little Big League

Seriously, people hold The Sandlot and Rookie Of The Year in high regard from that era, but Little Big League was easily the best kids’ baseball movie from the early 90’s.

The premise is out there, but the baseball scenes are actually believable, Billy Heywood is a treasure and I just enjoy it.

I said all that to cover the fact that Walk The Line’s picks went 0-4 last night. But even the greats have off nights every now and then, so we march forward.

For Game 6 in Toronto, I really, really want to believe in the Bucks. I don’t want to buy the fact that a 60-win team that looked fairly invincible early in the postseason is going to go out like this. But here’s the reality of this series: Kawhi > Giannis. It goes no deeper than that. Kawhi has reached another level this postseason and he’s about to lead a team to the NBA Finals for the first time as his team’s unquestioned alpha dog. Raptors (-2) is the pick for Game 6.

Other picks from Walk The Line:

Mets-Tigers Over 7.5

Brewers (-135) ML over Phillies

Blues Jays (+107) ML over Padres

CFB future for 2019 season: Texas A&M over 7.5 wins. BFW note: I’m going to start a summer college football periscope series every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. EST to discuss college football. Gonna call it Walk The Sideline. Follow me on Twitter @BWalker_SEC to catch it.

Because of my love for Little Big League, I named it the most underrated sports movie of all-time. Here’s the full list.

5) Eight Men Out

4) Above The Rim

3) MacFarland, USA

2) The Great White Hype

1) Little Big League

Happy Memorial Day, everyone. My fat ass will be back Tuesday. Or Monday. Shit, I don’t know.