Raptors Are The Favorite To Open Up The Finals?

Obviously the Bucks gave up hope in the last game. I mean they started the game off so well and then pretty much said fuck the NBA finals. Now seeing the Raptors play like that does make the NBA Finals a bit more interesting. I really don’t know if they have any actual chance in winning the series if Durant plays but looking at this spread it doesn’t seem like he will be playing the 1st game.

This is a nice little changeup of having a Lebronless Championship but I kind of would like to see Kawhi and Durant matched up all series. Without Durant, Kawhi can lock in on Steph or Klay which will obviously hurt them. I do think the spread makes sense as it is basically a pickem but I already know this series is going to confuse the shit out of me. The Raptors have a weird team in my opinion because obviously the Warriors have a good bench but I think the Raptors do to. Which will help them in the long run to keep up with the fast paced Warriors. Danny Green is going to have to step up big this series.

The Warriors are -260 for the series which I think is a little to high if you have them as underdogs the first game and obviously if Durant is out. In my head I see the Warriors winning the first game so everyone can keep talking about do the Warriors even need Durant. I really think it’s going to be an interesting series but the Raptors opening up as a favorite is wild in some peoples mind. My mind is all over the place right now.