Mike Leach Is Spending His Offseason In Tel Aviv, Solving The Middle East Crisis

Mike Leach continues to be the most interesting man in college football. After completing teaching a class about the crossover between insurgent warfare and football:

He is now taking on potentially the biggest issue in the world: the middle east.

I don’t know what I would have paid to go on this trip with Mike Leach, but it’s a decent amount. Was he suggesting potential solutions while being briefed in Tel Aviv?

I know with my intelligence I wouldn’t help the middle east. I’d only make it worse. However, I do know that deep down Mike Leach believes he can solve what is going on in the middle east can be solved by his knowledge of the spread offense.

This isn’t the first time Mike Leach has ventured to foreign soil to talk international politics:

Time for a Barstool sponsored Mike Leach podcast. Call Him Spread Daddy.