Gambling Guru Goes 2-0 Last night

Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 4.11.48 PM

This Genius went undefeated last night. That is the start of something beautiful as my WNBA mojo is back and also the Phillies might have been one of my smartest bets of the year. This is a turning point in the week so I suggest you hop on while I am on fire.


Giants -115 @ Marlins

The Marlins are the hottest team in baseball right now which is hysterical. They beat the shit out of the Giants last night and that won’t happen today. Bumgarner is obviously a savage and you aren’t going to get him at -115 a lot this season at all. You need to trust that the Marlins are still a Double A team. Why do you spell it out like Double and not just write it like AA. This line is so fishy I need to take it.

Pick Giants -115 


Bos/STL Over 5.5