Not Hitting The Over In The Bruins Game Was A Felony

Taking Overs in the Stanley Cup is always stressful because these goalies have been standing on their head for most of these playoffs. I can tell you that last night I had the best feeling in the world when the 1st period ended at 2-2. You feel like the best gambler in the world. Especially when I went to dinner last night I was enjoying some nice lamb chops and all of a sudden these old bastards walk in like mad men. Mid Lamb bag karaoke just breaks out and I felt like I was in High School musical. Ever since that first song was sung everything went downhill. I hurt my tooth on the bone of my dinner and nobody decided to score in the second or third period.

Nothing is worse than people saying why didn’t you buy the half point. Listen there is an obvious reason on why you are even allowed to buy points. They let you buy points because the odds are shitty and it usually makes absolutely no difference. Why would Vegas allow you to buy points if it was really going to fuck them. Just take the spread because those are the best odds you are going to get.

Regardless fuck that over not hitting. I had the right read on it and the bastards gave up scoring goals. After shit like this happens to you, you start betting on Tennis at 5am and hoping for the best. Fuck the Over.