Double Shot At Love Is Heating The Fuck Up

Last night was kind of a little slow as it was building up for next week. I am going to be completely honest I missed the first 15 minutes of the show because my T.V. was fucked up, but I saw what I needed to see. Holly was voted off last night but she wasn’t to thrilled and I loved every second of it. She didn’t blink the entire time she was yelling at the two of them. Just genuine surprise that she was voted off.

If you ever get voted off a show this is the way to go out. I do think they should have kept her on for the Pauly D DJing gig to see if she went wild for him but she went out on a great note. The whole fake kid on the episode was funny but who would ever be mean to a little child. It would have been real funny if they told her to piss off I’m not playing dolls with you but nobody is that nuts.

Next episode will be very entertaining because if I was on stage or with Pauly D at one of his gigs I would go wild. So if these girls go off a little at the club that has to be a pass. I also feel terrible for Vinny, when he was telling them that they will be coming to Staten Island to see his favorite Pizza place was just a sad scene.

It is getting down to a small amount of girls but I have two heavy favorites. Derynn and Elle have to be clear favorites at this time. They have interest from both of the guys and if the only weird thing Elle does is get scared in turbulence she will be the clear winner. Like I said it was a boring episode but next week will be one for the ages. I fucking love this show