The 2-0 Guru Is Back At It Again

Yeah I know I am the best as I went 2-0 again last night. It was one of those nights I just had the touch and let it fly for the people. Thats all I am here for and that is for the people to put money in their pockets. Tonight is obviously a tough one as there are no championship games on but you still have to gamble.


Vegas Aces -1 @ Phoenix Mercury

Lets just state the facts here to name your team the Mercury is god awful. Isn’t there Mercury in your blood or some shit. It is also wild I am asking a question to myself on a blog but here we are. The Mercury lost to the Storm who are in a world of hurt who don’t have their best two players. Now for the Aces they got off to a hot start as the favorites of the NBA. To get the Aces at -1 this early in the season you have to hammer them. A’ja Wilson can beat the Mercury by herself so I love this bet.

Pick Aces -1 

Extra –

Brewers -120 

I have to keep this up. This research thing is working out for me so make sure you #ridewithmush