Walk The Line: Mush is in my head and it's the worst feeling in the world

In life, and in gambling, you go through hot streaks and cold streaks. And earlier this week, I was hot. I was hitting at a 66 percent clip, life was good. I was getting money, walking around my house like my wife actually respects me, I was on top of the world.

Then came a 1-4 disaster Wednesday night and a 1-2 slipup last night. But the worst was yet to come. See, I picked the Warriors +1.5 last night and Marty Mush picked the Raptors. He won. It happens. Then he gloated about it.

All of a sudden, Mush is in my head. You know how shitty of a feeling that is? I woke up this morning worried about rat dogs and wondering who invented gerbils. My wife asked if I was OK and and I said, “Who decided to put those two letters together to indicate being alright? Why O and K?”

She might be leaving me.

Am I turning into Mush? We’ll find out soon because I’m diving headfirst back into this gambling thing. I’m Brandon Fuckin’ Walker, for God’s sake.

Tonight’s picks:

Yankees (+135) ML over Red Sox

Rays (-120) ML over Twins

Astros-A’s over 8.5

Nationals (-120) ML over Reds

Saturday: Bruins (-105) over Blues

Sunday: Warriors +1.5 over Raptors