We Have Meaningful Sports Tonight So Enjoy It

I first would like to address this situation. To me anything that’s in the water means you are a fish or some sort of fish. I was eating this as I won a double winner chicken rat dog but the Vegas Aces really let me down. I love the WNBA but these girls don’t have the heart I want this early in the season. At least we have some real games on tonight as we have the NHL playoffs which fucked me last game but I am back on track.


Boston @ St Louis -120

Both games was just dominated by one team. I have been saying this all series but St. Louis has a story and Boston just wins everything. St. Louis did its job coming back home tied up 1-1 but I see this going back to Boston game 5 tied up at two. It is just who is going to win this one tonight. In my opinion I think the Bruins didn’t play well at all last game and that includes Marchand. He has been absent both games and I think he will have a big impact tonight. The only bastard that scares the shit out of me on the Blues in Taresenko. That man is a god damn menace. But fuck that I think it is all B’s tonight.

Pick Bruins Even 


Blue Jays @ Rockies

The pitching matchup tonight is Stroman vs Gray. Obviously the ball flies the fuck out of Colorado but I like this matchup. Obviously Stromans record is dog shit but that lineup can’t hit right now. He is having an unreal season with a little over a 2 era and he is going to continue that tonight. I don’t see anyway that this game goes over 11. Take this under to the moon.

Pick Under 11

I am making this pick in nature and I couldn’t agree more with I love the idea of nature but hate being in it. These bugs are eating the rat out of my subpar ankle and there is just nothing better than the couch. Take these pick and lets line our god damn pockets. #RideWithMush