Nobody Has Been More Proud Of A 2.89 GPA Than Texas Football

Most of the time on Twitter, you are just battling through an endless stream of bullshit. BUT, a few times a day, a tweet will pop up and make it all worth it. This tweet from Texas today floored me. I looked at it for 20-30 minutes. How did this happen? Who thought this was a good idea? This passed through multiple people and they all approved it.

I don’t want to GPA shame, but if there isn’t at least a 3 in front of it, I do NOT want to hear about it.

If this is the highest one Texas football history, what were they clearing before this? A 2.6? 2.4? Also, what teachers are grading these kids work and not giving them an automatic 3.0 at the least. I thought this was Texas we were talking about. Has Austin gotten too soft? These are UT football players.

I do want to give a shout out to the graphic designer of this bad boy. When he was told he had to make a “highest GPA in team history” design, he was probably waiting to hear that it was a 3.2 or a 3.3. Mile. He got told it was a 2.89 and still pumped this teams tires like the squad got a 3.8 average GPA at MIT.

It’s tweets like these that make it all worth it. Thanks for the comedy, Texas. I can’t wait for you guys to give me more in the fall.