White Texas HS Ref Using N-Word Says He Is NOT Racist Because "I Watch BET All The Time"

Using the N-word as a white guy? Not good. Using it as a high school referee? Realllllyyyy not good.

Mike Atkinson, one of the longest-tenured high school football referees in Texas, has learned this lesson after being suspended for the entire 2019 season.

SOURCE-Mike Atkinson, one of the state’s longest-tenured high school football referees, has been suspended for the 2019 season by the Texas Association of Sports Officials after making racist comments.

Atkinson, who owns Atkinson Farms in Spring and has been a high school football official for 45 years, admits to using the N-word several times in conversations, audio clips of which were provided to the Houston Chronicle by the person who made the recordings.

From the recordings:

In one of the clips, Atkinson addresses a “Chapter and Crew Mixer” hosted by the Houston Football Chapter of TASO, held at Kirby Ice House on Feb. 10.

“I just went to the mixer the other day … a bunch of f—— n—–s wanting a free meal,” Atkinson said.

The context isn’t clear in the other clips, but they include the following statements:

“He would find a way to n—– it up.”

“There probably was some of them … (a black official) thought he had, ’cause he wanted to be the big n—–.”

Atkinson does not deny that he used the n-word, but instead says that him using the n-word wasn’t racist.

“I thought these were private conversations between friends,” Atkinson said. “I promise you with my life, using the N-word by me is true, but I will promise you with my life, my wife’s life, my kids’ life and everything I do, (the person who taped him) also used that word.

“We were back and forth. I understand what it sounds like, but I was baited into it.”

You may be reading this and thinking that Atkinson’s “I was baited into it” comment was the dumbest thing he said about this situation. I am here to inform you that this was not the dumbest thing he said.

“I’m a jokester. I like to listen to things. I watch Black Entertainment Television all the time because I think it’s hilarious. I may have picked up something … I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Just when you thought “I have a black friend, so I’m allowed to use the n-word” is the worst reasoning for using the n-word as a white guy, this Texas high school referee comes out of absolutely nowhere with this. “I watch Black Entertainment Television all the time” is shockingly dumb, especially when you put into context that this is an excuse for not using the n-word, but instead for using the n-word in a non-racist way (which as a white guy is pretty much universally accepted as impossible).

Texas forever, ya’ll. Texas forever.

P.s. If you wear these sunglasses, you have a 50% higher chance of being racist:

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