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Betting Baseball Could Have Made You Sell Your House Last Night

In my opinion baseball is still the hardest sport to bet. As you can see above the Marlins have 2 players that I can name on the team and they are kicking the shit out of a very good Brewers team. If you laid the juice on the Brewers you are hurting on Wednesday and we still have a lot of week to go. A big thing I feel like a lot of gamblers do is say fuck it, let me take the juice and get out of the hole. It was not good to be one of those people yesterday.

Yankees -190 against the Blue Jays who are god awful so that lost you at least 3 nights at the bar. Especially on Tanaka Tuesday you have to put a shit ton on them and they blew for you.

Mets -150 decided to give up 6 runs in the top of the 10th inning because they are a trash bag of an organization. The Giants are one of the worst teams at the moment and they wiped the floor with the Mets in extras. If you bet $100 on all three of these games you are looking at a deficit of around $550. This is why Baseball can separate a family of four. Be careful taking this much juice but even when your careful and take -1.5 you just know they are going to win by one and you are going to yell at yourself for not taking the juice. As you can tell gambling just beats the shit out of your brain so it is a roller coaster everyday.