May Have Jumped The Gun On The NBA Finals Game

I trust the best reported in the game obviously so I took this game early when I saw this. I need you to hear me out. Before I get into my pick I am also going to let you know I am hot today as I am 2-0.


Raptors @ Warriros -4.5

Kawhi is going to dominate one game and I think this is the one. Klay is banged up and he is an absolute monster. The Raptors win this game and then just don’t win again. Danny Green needs to step up for the Raptors to even have a chance and they have the right mindset to win this game.

Raptors +4.5/ML


Mystics -12

Cubs -120

Everything is coming up Mush so please tweet positive vibes at me. #Ridewithmush