I was so excited I spelled Trea Turners name wrong and I am still in shock. This is equivalent to a half court buzzer beater down two. People I have never been on the right side of this and I thought I was in a fairytale. I ran across the office and jumped into Big Evs arms like it was the notebook.

The stupid National team blew a 4-1 lead in the 8th and I was walking around cursing under my breath at them. I started thinking of what I am betting tonight to win it back and then all of a sudden I went rock solid. You dream about these wins in baseball, there is absolutely no better feeling then this.

Even off the bat you are doubting yourself just saying no chance this gets out and then once that puppy lands you go nut bags. What a way to start a Wednesday and everyone knows you just need to keep the energy and positivity into the night games. Lets fucking go.