In Order To Accommodate Male Cheerleaders, Seahawks To Change Cheer Name Away From SeaGals

This is bound to make some people angry. Me? Not so much. I guess I get why this would fire you up, but there are definitely much better things to get mad about.

However, getting rid of the squad name “Sea Gals” is a bad move. That’s such a great name for a cheerleading squad. I can’t think of one better. You’ve hit the pinnacle of cheerleading names. Now they will be “The Seahawk Dancers?” That’s megggggggggaaaaaaaa lame. Keep Sea Gals. It’s a great name and if your male cheerleaders are so mad about it, maybe they aren’t meant for the contact sport of cheerleading. Tell them to find a new sport. This is the NFL, buddy. Not two-hand touch.