Triple-Option Offense Coming To The NFL? Former GT Coach Paul Johnson Spotted At Ravens Minicamp

Uh ohhhhh, Paul Johnson may be retired from college football, but that doesn’t mean his triple-option offense is dead. Hey Baltimore, are you ready for the triple-option?


All jokes aside, this is an interesting move by Harbaugh & the Ravens. We know that they love to run the ball with Lamar Jackson, who had 147 rushing attempts in 2018. That’s a lot for a QB. Bringing in Mark Ingram and keeping Gus Edwards/Kenneth Dixon, the running attack is going to continue in 2019 for the Ravens. Plus if you look at the Ravens QB depth chart, you’ll see two running QBs behind Lamar: RG3 & Trace McSorley.

Who knows where this will go, but I’d be shocked to see the Ravens ever run a true triple-option. Lamar Jackson is just to tall to be an under-center triple-option. However, we could see a triple-option variation via the shotgun. The RPO is essentially a triple-option when you think about it. The QB can give the ball to the RB, keep it, or throw it. Paul Johnson never operated out of the shotgun at Georgia Tech, but football is always evolving and we could see it in the shotgun this season.

What the Ravens are doing from a team-building aspect is intriguing. Everybody in the NFL is spreading their offense out, so defenses have to adapt. Getting smaller on defense means they are less likely to be able to stop the run. This is an issue when you take on a team like the Ravens or, as Stoolies know, the Patriots.