At What Point Do We Say Marty Is A Sharp

I was on my shit yesterday. Pin point accuracy on every single game. When you spit out four games including WNBA and MLB I’m not sure what else I can even do for you. It felt great to be there for everybody as the comman man gambler. Just need to keep pressing at a time like this.


STL @ BOS -150

Obviously this series is going back and forth. It is very confusing because the Bruins win by 90 goals and then all of a sudden it looks like Blues are just dominating them. Forget about all of that, the Bruins now have a story and that story is Chara. The man can’t even speak and he is willing to take a puck to the jaw again. Fuck any statistics fuck everything just worry about the story.

Boston -150 

Extra –

Twins -110 (Gettinng Berrios at this hugeee)

Lets keep this hot streak going and take it to the moon. #Ridewithmush