Double Shot At Love Took A Drastic Turn Last Night

Last night was a much anticipated episode as they went to see what the guys normal lives are. Obviously they were two very different lives. I was a little upset it wasn’t more concentrated on Pauly’s DJ set because if it was me there I would of been drunk as shit flaunting my shit all around that stage. These girls have a lot more self control than I do. The funniest part of the show to me was when Vinny said he has to step up his game and get on a private boat. It was 4 degrees out and they showed it for about 1 minute.

Vinnys house was a wild ride as he has 3 girls that like him so he decided to just hook up with all of them at his house. It is wild that half the show is just the eliminations. I do understand it because this elimination was crazy. Suzi I knew was going because after her kiss with Pauly in the 2nd episode she hasn’t done anything at all. Then the second elimination was shocking. You have Marrissa standing there and Brittany who just haves an absolute meltdown without them saying anything. Brittany hasn’t kissed nor really talked to any of the guy so she must have some blackmail or something that she still there. When Marissa was eliminated my jaw dropped like a bastard at a car wash and now there are six.

Predictions: I think it has to be locked up by Elle with Vinny and Derynn with Pauly. Derynn pulled the best move of the night letting everyone nap and its just clear Vinny likes Elle. I am looking forward to Deynn and Nikki going head to head because Nikki is in a lot of trouble. Derynn won’t back down but Nikki is already saying she loves Pauly so what a showdown that will be.

How do you not like this show. Great cast the idea of it is very funny I love every second of it. Very excited to see what next week brings.