Gamblers Love A Story So Here Is A Perfect One

Kevin Durant has been in the locker room all series watching his team not be able to win without him. Every athlete deep down is a little happy when there team loses without them because you feel like they still need you. Obviously we all know Kevin Durant needs to know this and this is his chance to show it off.

So you obviously have the story behind Kevin Durant coming back but you also have the 3-1 aspect. The Cavs famously came back from a 3-1 deficit against the Warriors so now it is their turn to rewrite history. The Warriors are +330 to win the series now which I now feel like everyone thinks this is like a sure thing. I am a big story gambler and this is right up my alley. Durant will free up the shooters and morale will be up going back to Golden State after tonight. If The Raptors win today I will forever be confused. I know Kawhi isn’t a human being but he will have a lot to handle if he has to cover Durant all game.

You have to be out of your mind to take the Raptors today and the NBA also wants this to keep going so everything will be falling into place.