Bronx K-5 Principal Under Investigation For Tweeting Horse Betting Advice During School Hours

Very few stories are as on brand as this. I can’t think of a more Bronx story than a random K-5 principal spending his days betting on horses and tweeting about it as he did it. I can see the guy now, not attending meetings for principal stuff, but instead watching TVG the entire day and placing bets on his NYRA app.

SOURCE-School staffers and parents at a Bronx elementary school called on the city Department of Education to take action after PS 24’s Steven Schwartz posted hundreds of horse-racing tweets throughout the school year.

“He has been telling members of the school community that it was no problem and is fine because the superintendent is covering for him and his mom has friends in high places,” states a May 9 letter, signed only “concerned group of parents and teachers,” to Department of Education investigators. Schwartz’s mother is a retired Bronx principal.

“It is no problem and is fine because the superintendent is covering for him and his mom has friends in high places,” what an absolutely wild move from this guy. No surprise, though. There’s nothing like horses guy. They are the degenerates of the degenerates.

A PS 24 staffer said Schwartz’s habits are making him a laughingstock.

“Students sometimes make remarks or joke about him gambling,” said the insider, who didn’t want their name published for fear of retribution.

Imagine getting chirped by a 3rd grader about how big of a degenerate you are. That’s probably the peak of degeneracy. Can’t get much higher. You run the school, but have your own students chirping you about how out of control you are.

Last school year, Schwartz came under fire for tweeting about his bets and giving horse handicapping advice during the school day. Following a Post report, he shut down his Twitter account, but he went back to his old tricks in the fall of 2018.

“Don’t call it a comeback,” he sarcastically tweeted as @jailmovemaster on Oct. 7. He has continued to blog about his betting picks at

Sometimes I stumble upon gambling Twitter and often captivated by the accounts that rarely feature photos of the people actually running the accounts. I often wonder who are the people running these accounts. It turns out they are principals of elementary schools in the Bronx. Who would’ve thought? That’s a great thing to remember when the guy on your Twitter timeline is gloating about winning his $50,000 game of the year. It’s probably not true. Why? Well, he’s probably just a principal of a school in the Bronx.

Wish he had a bit more of a New York accent to really round off this story.