Walk The Line: Durant or not, Toronto celebrates tonight

Here’s my thing with Kevin Durant: I think news of him playing has been overvalued by oddsmakers, as the line for tonight has swung from Toronto -3.5 to GSW -1 since Sunday afternoon. And I understand Kevin Durant is an incredibly talented scorer, one who could go for 30 tonight.

But to me, that doesn’t solve the Warriors’ issues in this series. Toronto has scored 118, 104, 123 and 105 in the first four games. Now they get Durant on the court. How is 60 percent of Kevin Durant going to solve GSW’s defensive problem this series? He can’t. Two examples of this came in the regular season, when Durant scored 30 and 51 in two games against Toronto. The Raptors won both.

Further, Toronto is 3-0 in Game 5s in these playoffs and 9-1 in Games 4-7. They wear teams out.

Tonight, Toronto celebrates its first NBA championship. Then again, what the hell do I know? I’ve been getting beat by Marty Mush.

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