This LA Times Writer Needs To Be Arrested For What He Did To Us

Look at the time difference on both of these suck bags. If you tweet something 3 hours before the game that is going to impact it big time, everyone is going to bet on it. This is real life money were talking about, this stupid bastard is out here writing about the one thing every gambler was waiting for. Yeah you can gamble on stats and do a little bit of research but emotion is the only thing I look for in betting any game.

Let me break down a gamblers brain for you. Big Papi had a horrific thing happen to him during game six of the Stanley Cup and came out of it making a full recovery. Big Papi is Boston, if he came on that damn jumbotron the place would have wept and went absolutely bonkers. If you lose a game where a guy gives you a pump up speech after getting shot 2 days ago, you should be kicked out of the league. Meanwhile this Curtis bastard wrote and article saying he’s playing and then 15 minutes later say there won’t be. Obviously nobody is logging into the LA Times after seeing that on twitter and he should be arrested.

I am okay with reporting things that don’t come true but not for something this big. Everyone was waiting for the announcement for the entire week and then this shmuck wait 2 hours before game time to drop news and then take it back. There are no take backs! Fuck