Stanford Sailing Coach Gets A Whopping 1 Day In Jail For Varsity Blues Scandal

Remember the college cheating scandal? That time everybody was shocked to learn that rich parents **gasp** pay to get their children into school?! Aunt Becky from Full House was involved:

Now, Aunt Becky may have not taken a plea deal, so her trial is still going on, but others involved in the scandal are receiving sentences. That includes Stanford’s sailing coach:

SOURCE-Stanford University’s former sailing coach avoided significant prison time and was sentenced Wednesday to just one day behind bars for his role in a massive college admissions scandal.

John Vandemoer was the first person to be sentenced in the sweeping corruption scandal that exposed the sophisticated network of college admissions ringleader William Rick Singer, who helped children of well-heeled clients cheat their way into elite universities.

One day? Wait, what? One day? What’s the point to throwing somebody in jail for one day? I’ve been on record this entire time that nobody should go to jail for this, so I’m not advocating for anything longer for John Vandemoer, but one day? Really?

All in all, this fella is getting off kind of easy. He probably won’t be able to get another high profiled sailing job, but only a $10,000 fine after receiving $610,000 in bribes? You are positive on the year!

The big sentencing will come when it’s Lori Loughlin turn. Her defense plan?

Going to be tough for the prosecuting side to beat that one.