Gig Em! Texas A&M Is First SEC Team To Okay Alcohol Sales In Stadium

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A few weeks ago, the SEC finally okayed what was holding them back from dominating the free world.

This new rule was only half the battle for SEC fans to see their schools finally sell alcohol in stadium. Unfortunately, for any SEC fans in Alabama, they received bad news:

So, Texas A&M, decided to take the honor of opening the alcoholic flood gates:

Hell yeah.

In my perfect world, you’re given an alcoholic beverage with your ticket before you enter an SEC stadium. It’s given to you the second you scan your ticket. It doesn’t have to be good beer. Give them Milwaukee’s Best for all I care. Gotta keep the juices flowing.

Not to pat myself on the back or anything like that, but I have a lot of great ideas to put college football in the right direction. Maybe I’ll do a blog series on that. Jack Mac. The CFB commissioner.

Texas A&M is the perfect place for the SEC to test in-stadium alcohol sales. If it works there, it’s going to work everywhere. Those crazy Aggies are going to show the rest of the SEC that if you want to increase your in-game experience, you’ve gotta keep the juices flowing!

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Now, I’m not sure if the cult of Texas A&M allows you to drink alcohol, but I’m pretty sure they do: