Herm Edwards Is Now A Professor At Arizona State

Everything Walter Cronkite believed in, fought for, and preached has led up to this exact moment. This is Cronkite’s legacy. Herm Edwards teaching in the communications school that is named after him. Cronkite is smiling from up in heaven. Some want to die rich, others want to die with a legacy. Cronkite has both (I have no idea if he was rich, just assuming).

I think Herm would be a great professor. Imagine this guy as your Communications 301 teacher:

You write the essay to get an A!!!!

We are entering year 2 of Herm Edwards in Tempe. Everybody predicted a disaster and it hasn’t come yet. All things considered, Herm’s first year in Tempe was kind of boring? I guess we had the leave it on the grass moment:

And the turnover curl (which he shut down):

Outside of that? Kind of boring. Maybe Herm’s changed? I hope not. I need disaster in Tempe this year. I know that’s selfish, but I do.