Walk The Line: Family Matters was a better show than Full House

That has nothing to do with today’s picks but I felt like it needed to be said. Full House is looked at as a top 5 90’s sitcom by nostalgia freaks these days and it’s just an incorrect take. It was too sappy, too sugary and there’s absolutely no fucking way Jesse Katsopolis’s sister married Danny Tanner and gave birth to three blonde daughters.

Yeah, Family Matters was sappy and sugary, too, but in the earlier years, before Urkel got too overwhelmingly stupid, he was funnier than anything Full House ever did. By season 4 or 5, both shows were awful but give me early Family Matters over Full House.

But you want winners. So do I. And I’m going back to the Raptors’ well. Lost in the hubbub of Golden State’s win and Durant’s injury in Game 5 was one simple fact: The Raptors played like garbage and lost by 1 point. Toronto was 8-32 from 3-point range, getting a combined 1-14 from Siakam, Green and Lowry. That trio will be better tonight, Kawhi Leonard will bounce back and the Raptors will win the title. Yes, I also said that before Game 5 but I mean it this time. Raptors ML is the pick.

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Kyle Lowry over 15.5 points

Cubs-Dodgers over 8

Mets-Cardinals over 7

Indiana Fever -3 over Dallas Wings

CFB future: Missouri Tigers over 8.5 wins