Welp, Gambling Officially Sucks For 3 Months

This is sad time for all of us. Yes I like betting on the WNBA but it isn’t on a ton and then all you are left with is baseball. Every single day baseball is on and it is so damn hard to get a read on it. You can have Chris Sale at -290 against the Marlins and they decide to suck that day and you are stuck with no money. It’s a sad life to live but now you just drink a lot in the nice weather and gamble irresponsibly.


Pirates @ Marlins

The Marlins are a team that you just can’t figure out, like there lineup is a piece of shit but they keep winning games. The Pirates low key have a very good lineup but this is a game nobody wants to watch on a Friday night. This is the type of bet that you just blindly put in drink a shit ton and pray in the morning that you have a winner.

Pirates -130

Take it easy, it’s Friday so wait until tomorrow to fuck it up.